About us


Our story

Tangyingwattana is specialized in pulse and grain processing more than 60 years under trusted brand.
  • Uncle “Jin keam” is the first person who introduced hulled split mung bean to Thailand since 1958 from his knowledge and experience.
  • Santi Suntornmunkongsri who is the second generation applied new technologies to production lines and also changed old production lines to continuous production lines. As a result of these transforms, our production lines have high capacity, high quality and cost efficiency of production process.
  • Developed own de-hulling sesame seeds special technique which can de-hulling sesame all around the world. Perfect matching between temperatures and drying time have been chosen.
  • Third generation has bring new technologies, quality management systems and new model managements. In addition, Branding and product distributions have been projectile as well under 2 quality trusted brands.
    • Flying Tiger” – clean fresh rich of nutrition
    • Whale” – clean and good quality for cheaper price
flyingtiger pulse and seed factorywhale pulse and seed factory
Tangyingwattana has certified on quality management system by ISO(International of organization) since 2009
  • Achieved quality management system ISO 9001:2015 Certified TH09/3747
  • Clean, safety and remained nutrition concepts for advance technology production lines.
  • Certificate of Analysis/Test Report for consistently yield as a raw material for cooking.
Intensive collaboration between both external and internal research and development team to certify that our products are safe for consumption
  • No contaminant such as Aflatoxin which is carcinogenic produce by “Aspergillus” mold
  • No toxic residue, checking processes on harvest areas and processes especially pesticides have been done for none toxic residue purpose
  • No extraneous materials, International standard on production lines; Auto-sifting, Gravity Separator, Color Sorter Technology and Metal Detector build confidence on no foreign material in our products.
  • Fairness and transparency, moisture content by weight conform to ministry of agriculture and cooperatives regulation.
Commitment to Excellence
  • sincerely consignee impression to customers with commitment
Social Prosperity
  • We support career in our community and environment concern for sustainable community.
Corporate governance
The most  admired global Crop Processing Manufacturer offering natural products in the most trusted brands; for a healthier living
Investing in research and development, creating quality products building brand awareness, and enhancing consumer confidence under “Food Safety ” concept.
Using automation technologies and cost efficiency in production processes, focusing on energy saving environmental friendly facilities, and becoming an example in modern industry.
Quality Policy
Committed with high quality product and satisfy the customer with the concept “FOOD SAFETY” focus on energy-saving and care with environmentally